And Alfred Eisenstaedt shot John F. Kennedy
and Neil Armstrong shot Buzz Aldrin
and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr shot Neil Armstrong
and Ira Rosenberg shot Muhammad Ali
and Annie Leibovitz shot Lance Armstrong
and George Hurrell shot Humphrey Bogart
and Ricardo Stuckert shot Bono
and Yousuf Karsh shot Winston Churchill
and Mark Seliger shot Kurt Cobain
and Luca Galuzzi shot the 14th Dalai Lama
and Philippe Halsman shot Salvador Dali
and Anton Corbijn shot Miles Davis
and Patrick Dermarchelier shot Princess Diana
and Levin C. Handy shot Thomas Edison
and Arthur Sasse shot Albert Einstein
and Yousuf Karsh shot Dwight D. Eisenhower
and Annie Leibovitz shot Queen Elizabeth II
and Richard Young shot Pope John Paul II
and Bruce McBroom shot Farrah Fawcett
and Walter Albertin shot Federico Fellini
and Alberto Korda shot Che Guevara
and Yousuf Karsh shot Ernest Hemingway
and John Kobal shot Audrey Hepburn
and George Holliday shot Rodney King
and Joshua Massel shot Michael Jordan
and David McGough shot Andy Kaufman
and Loomis Dean shot Grace Kelly
and Howard Sochure shot Martin Luther King
and Stanley Kubrick shot Stanley Kubrick
and Vincent Fantauzzo shot Heath Ledger
and L. Léonido shot Vladimir Lenin
and Andy Warhol shot John Lennon
and Annie Leibovitz shot Yoko Ono and John Lennon
and Alexander Gardner shot Abraham Lincoln
and Anne Clifford shot Sophia Loren
and Matty Zimmerman shot Marilyn Monroe
and Milton H. Greene shot Marilyn Monroe
and Robert H. Jackson shot Lee Harvey Oswald
and Robert H. Jackson shot Jack Ruby
and Annie Leibovitz shot Demi Moore
and Joel Brodsky shot Jim Morrison
and Arthur Schatz shot Jack Nicholson
and Petr Novák shot Robert De Niro
and Mark Shaw shot Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
and Henri Cartier Bresson shot Mahatma Gandhi
and Felix Nadar shot Louis Pasteur
and Bill Eppridge shot Robert Kennedy
and Yousuf Karsh shot Pablo Picasso
and W.S. Hartshorn shot Edgar Allan Poe
and John Domini Frank Sinatra
and Túrelio shot Mother Teresa
and Mark Seliger shot Christopher Walken
and Loomis Dean shot John Wayne
and Jim Hendin shot Marvin Gaye
and Ron Edmonds shot Ronald Reagan
and Carl Van Vechten shot Orson Welles
and Marion S. Trikosko shot Malcolm X
and Andy Warhol shot Andy Warhol

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