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unconscious london strata / stan brakhage. 1981


* Text in Italian: “Questa (cosa davanti a te) che stai guardando, leggendo, è parte di altre cose, di altri discorsi…. “, black silkscreen print on white Fabriano Rosapina paper. Cm 70,5 x 100,5. Edition of 125 copies, titled, numbered, dated and signed in black pencil in the lower margin by J. Kosuth.

two asemics / anneke baeten. 2017


0004 / john m. bennett. 2017

s / alberto d’amico

two asemics / lucinda sherlock. 2017


    from peter ganick: “notes toward infinity / theory of the scribble / theory of the scrawl” — a second set chosen by gammm (the whole series can be seen here)  

il circo delle storie / fabio lapiana. 2012-2017


J.Leftwich_ Six Months… (Book3)_ 2011 by differxhost on Scribd

  Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony (Part 2 – Music Excerpts) from Tristan Perich on Vimeo. See &

Luca Zanini_ da Cinque Conclusioni prima del tempo by gammm on Scribd

} erlebnis / peter ganick. 2011

  Peter Ganick_ } ERLEBNIS_ 2011 by differxhost on Scribd



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