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  Captcha from Gabrielle de Vietri on Vimeo.  

[ Language is not transparent. 1969. Rubber stamp on paper. 7.25 x 6.75 inchessource:]

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how to write a poem / greg evason. 2011

think about your last 24 hours pile them on top of each other pick an image pick an event point at both with your left foot cause chrome to drip from your elbows eat a pastrami sandwich with a single large dill take out your paints wait * * * come scrivere una poesia / […]

Like most everybody else don’t like to be broke, that means I like money. Reaching in my pocket and feeling paper gives me meaning. But if I was to gamble in London with two best friends, I’d bring along credit cards. I’d feel uncomfortable if I was to bank out of neighbourhood and was told […]

subtotals / gregory burnham. 1989

Number of refrigerators I’ve lived with: 18. Number of rotten eggs I’ve thrown: 1. Number of finger rings I’ve owned: 3. Number of broken bones: 0. Number of Purple Hearts: 0. Number of times unfaithful to wife: 2. Number of holes in one, big golf: 0; miniature golf:3. Number of consecutive push-ups, maximum: 25. Number […]

(Mark Titchner, Be Real, 2008, vinyl banner, cm 527 x 413, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.)  

999 rooms, 34-66: rooms of experience Room 34 In room 34, dogs are beheaded with cleavers and suspended over buckets to let the blood collect; the heads are thrown in a corner, where a rickety adolescent burns away the hair with a oxyhydrogen torch before piling them up. Room 35 In wide and bushy room […]


Today, GAMMM celebrates its fifth birthday!! Here‘s our whole activity so far. [Image: T. Kelly Mason, I love the future, 2001, 1031PE Gallery, LA.]

john m. bennett’s opeb

Su GAMMM è uscito un nuovo one page e-book, con poesie inedite di John M. Bennett, ospitato in formato .pdf nella pagina opeb. Enjoy the new John M. Bennett’s poems opeb @  GAMMM‘s opeb page. [Image: Ceal Floyer, Helix, 2001.]

fluxus events

  [Mi piace pensare a Fluxus,

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