Q.: I think that your nickname “asemic” (in is perfect to explain your strategy of accumulation=disintegration of signs (not “meanings”) through multiple exposures, textblocks, and multiple blogs/opus. I believe you hit the spot of the dissipation/multiplicity we are crossing. (Where “to cross” is something like a radioactive kind of “to stay”).

A.: You’re right with accumulation=disintegration strategy, it is very much of that, not meanings, at least on my side. I leave them to reader/viewer/listener. I’ve many strategies with my works, most often I’m involved with ‘controlled indeterminacy’ (a term coined from American composer John Myhill), it is not any specific technique, for me it is the way to control chance, aleatoric control, if it is possible to control at all. But it is everywhere in my life, if not intentional, then subconscious. And if I find it lacks, I add it. With or without computers.

Q.: What about GAMMM’s opebs, “one page e-books”? And what about your opeb’s title, ow oom?

A.: I like this idea of one page works, I’m interested of things which contain restrictions… ow oom is just sounds, but as we always do, we see it as words, each of us differently. Mine was first ‘owl room’, then ‘cow doom’, ‘own boom’ etc …