sonnagram 40 / k. silem mohammad. 2009


Oh Lovely TV Lulu, Show Me Thy Fully Busty TV Tutu, Thy Fully Fluffy TV Tush, Thy Slutty UK TV Eye

Milli Vanilli, Tears For Fears, Oasis,
The Feelies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fun Boy Three,
Yes, TV on the Radio, Small Faces,
They Might Be Giants, Ween, Tenacious D,

Pere Ubu, Yo La Tengo, Alabama,
Velvet Revolver, Toto, Bow Wow Wow,
Of Montreal, a-ha, Bananarama,
Vetiver, Mott the Hoople, Henry Cow,

Menomena, The Go! Team, Mr Mister,
The Doobie Brothers, Hoobastank, Sublime,
Wet Willie, Kajagoogoo, Twisted Sister,
Hole, Animal Collective, Nifelheim,

The Slits, The Strokes, The Fugs, The Fools, The Fall,
The Who, The Move, The The, The Eels, The Call.

[Sonnet 40 (“Take all my loves, my love, yea take them all”)]


For those who aren’t familiar with my Sonnagrams project, I take Shakespeare’s Sonnets, scramble the letters with an anagram generator, then rearrange the scrambled letters into an all-new sonnet in iambic pentameter with the English rhyme scheme.  Once I’ve managed to create the sonnet, all leftover letters are used to make a title. K. Silem Mohammad

Per quelli che non sanno niente del mio progetto Sonnagrams, prendo i Sonetti di Shakespeare, ne mischio le lettere con un generatore di anagrammi e, quindi, riordino le lettere mischiate in un sonetto nuovo di zecca in pentametri giambici secondo le schema di rime inglese. Una volta che sono riuscito a creare il sonetto, tutte le lettere avanzate vengono usate per fare il titolo. K. Silem Mohammad