how to write a poem / greg evason. 2011

  1. think about your last 24 hours
  2. pile them on top of each other
  3. pick an image
  4. pick an event
  5. point at both with your left foot
  6. cause chrome to drip from your elbows
  7. eat a pastrami sandwich with a single large dill
  8. take out your paints
  9. wait

* * *

come scrivere una poesia / greg evason. 2011

  1. pensate alle ultime 24 ore
  2. impilatele una sull’altra
  3. prendete un’immagine
  4. prendete un evento
  5. puntate entrambi usando il piede sinistro
  6. fatevi gocciolare del cromo dai gomiti
  7. mangiate un panino di manzo affumicato con dentro una singola grossa foglia di aneto
  8. tirate fuori le vostre vernici
  9. aspettate

[trad. it. M. Giovenale]

* * *

comment écrire un poème / greg evason. 2011

  1. pensez à vos dernières 24 heures
  2. empilez-les les unes sur les autres
  3. choisissez une image
  4. choisissez un événement
  5. visez aux deux avec votre pied gauche
  6. faites couler les gouttes du chrome de vos coudes
  7. mangez un sandwich de pastrami avec une seule grande feuille d’aneth
  8. sortez vos peintures
  9. attendez

[trad. fr. M. Zaffarano]

eleven conversations / richard prince. 1976

Like most everybody else don’t like to be broke, that means I like money. Reaching in my pocket and feeling paper gives me meaning. But if I was to gamble in London with two best friends, I’d bring along credit cards. I’d feel uncomfortable if I was to bank out of neighbourhood and was told then insisted that my personal cheque was of no value, but on the same hand, I’d feel short if I was to treat aesthetic realism friends to dinner only to find I had small change.

Like most everybody else I like to be entertained, that means I usually watch television. Prime time variety shuts me down. But when I festival with ‘new school’ friends, I get in deep with Bergman’s black and white. I’d feel funny backgrounding Friday nite poker with message and medium, but on the other hand, I’d feel silly if I visited minimal friends and brought along my baseball cards for trade. Continue reading “eleven conversations / richard prince. 1976”

subtotals / gregory burnham. 1989

Number of refrigerators I’ve lived with: 18. Number of rotten eggs I’ve thrown: 1. Number of finger rings I’ve owned: 3. Number of broken bones: 0. Number of Purple Hearts: 0. Number of times unfaithful to wife: 2. Number of holes in one, big golf: 0; miniature golf:3. Number of consecutive push-ups, maximum: 25. Number of waist size: 32. Number of gray hairs: 4. Number of children: 4. Number of suits, business: 2; swimming: 22. Number of cigarettes smoked: 83. Number of times I’ve kicked the dog: 6. Number of times caught in the act, any act: 64. Number of postcards sent: 831; received: 416. Number of spider plants that died while under my care: 34. Number of blind dates: 2. Number of jumping jacks: 982,316. Number of headaches: 184. Number of kisses, given: 21,602, received: 20,041. Number of belts: 21. Number of f***kups, bad: 6; not so bad: 1,500. Number of times swore under breath at parents: 838. Number of weeks at church camp: 1. Number of houses owned: 0. Number of houses rented: 12. Number of hunches played: 1,091. Number of compliments, given: 4,051; accepted: 2,249. Number of embarrassing moments: 2,258. Number of states visited: 38. Number of traffic tickets: 3. Number of girlfriends: 4. Number of times fallen off playground equipment, swings: 3; monkey bars: 2; teeter-totter: 1. Number of times flown in dreams: 28. Number of times fallen down stairs: 9. Number of dogs: 1. Number of cats: 7. Number of miracles witnessed: 0. Number of insults, given: 10,038; received: 8,963. Number of wrong telephone numbers dialed: 73. Number of times speechless: 33. Number of times stuck key into electrical socket: 1. Number of birds killed with rocks: 1. Number of times had the wind knocked out of me: 12. Number of times patted on the back: 181. Number of times wished I was dead: 2. Number of times unsure of footing: 458. Number of times fallen asleep reading a book: 513. Number of times born again: 0. Number of times seen double: 28. Number of deja vu experiences: 43. Number of emotional breakdowns: 1; Number of times choked on ones, chicken: 4; fish: 6; other: 3. Number f times didn’t believe parents: 23,978. Number of lawn-mowing miles: 3,575. Number of light bulbs changed: 273. Number of childhood home telephone: 384-621-5844. Number of brothers: 3 2. Number of passes at women: 5. Number of stairs walked, up: 745-821; down: 743,609. Number of hats lost: 9. Number of magazine subscriptions: 41. Number of times seasick: 1. Number of bloody noses: 16. Number of times had sexual intercourse: 4,013. Number of fish caught: 1. Number of time heard “The Star Spangled Banner”: 2,410. Number of babies held in arms: 9. Number of times I forgot what I was going say: 631.
[Harper’s Magazine, July 1989.]

999 rooms, 34-66: rooms of experience / vanni santoni

999 rooms, 34-66: rooms of experience

Room 34
In room 34, dogs are beheaded with cleavers and suspended over buckets to let the blood collect; the heads are thrown in a corner, where a rickety adolescent burns away the hair with a oxyhydrogen torch before piling them up.

Room 35
In wide and bushy room 35, a tiger wanders about.

Room 36
In room 36, your father breaks your nose with a punch.

Room 37
Room 37 is well-set and furnished and upholstered and on fire.

Room 38
Room 38 has no ceiling,
still night there is pitch-black and merciless;
the room is a pool or a pit,
more pit than a pool with its narrow shore
(half a meter of stone or reef)
and there, in the deep dark water, struggling
hard to keep afloat, swallowing gallons
and constantly sucked back in the
briny deep, bobbing like a piece of cork,
in no time surfacing again,
eyes focused on the diminutive shore,
a frenetic young head (sixteen
at the oldest) bearing deep and gory
wound, gashed open by the point of
some hidden reef or nail or fang. Continue reading “999 rooms, 34-66: rooms of experience / vanni santoni”

sonnagram 40 / k. silem mohammad. 2009


Oh Lovely TV Lulu, Show Me Thy Fully Busty TV Tutu, Thy Fully Fluffy TV Tush, Thy Slutty UK TV Eye

Milli Vanilli, Tears For Fears, Oasis,
The Feelies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fun Boy Three,
Yes, TV on the Radio, Small Faces,
They Might Be Giants, Ween, Tenacious D,

Pere Ubu, Yo La Tengo, Alabama,
Velvet Revolver, Toto, Bow Wow Wow,
Of Montreal, a-ha, Bananarama,
Vetiver, Mott the Hoople, Henry Cow,

Menomena, The Go! Team, Mr Mister,
The Doobie Brothers, Hoobastank, Sublime,
Wet Willie, Kajagoogoo, Twisted Sister,
Hole, Animal Collective, Nifelheim,

The Slits, The Strokes, The Fugs, The Fools, The Fall,
The Who, The Move, The The, The Eels, The Call.

[Sonnet 40 (“Take all my loves, my love, yea take them all”)]


For those who aren’t familiar with my Sonnagrams project, I take Shakespeare’s Sonnets, scramble the letters with an anagram generator, then rearrange the scrambled letters into an all-new sonnet in iambic pentameter with the English rhyme scheme.  Once I’ve managed to create the sonnet, all leftover letters are used to make a title. K. Silem Mohammad

Per quelli che non sanno niente del mio progetto Sonnagrams, prendo i Sonetti di Shakespeare, ne mischio le lettere con un generatore di anagrammi e, quindi, riordino le lettere mischiate in un sonetto nuovo di zecca in pentametri giambici secondo le schema di rime inglese. Una volta che sono riuscito a creare il sonetto, tutte le lettere avanzate vengono usate per fare il titolo. K. Silem Mohammad


THE OUTER BANKS / Lewis Warsh. 2001


You could say that characters in The Bible were obsessed
 with hiding their nakedness

I touch the leg of the table with the toe of my foot

The child searches in a drawer for the damaged toy

Feeling of love were impaired by excessive anxiety

I put in my order for the butcher before it gets too late
 & the holidays are “upon us” or so they say

You can wear the same clothing every day & no one cares

She complains that she spends too much time making herself
 beautiful while he just picks up the clothing he
 wore yesterday from the floor & doesn’t even
 bother washing his face or combing his hair

I hear a rooster cry at dawn from someone’s roof

I experience an epiphany, I’m not what you might call handy

There’s a dead seal on the beach & a fishing boat
 on the horizon

The guy downstairs complains about a leak when I take a shower

Some people don’t mind if you take them for granted

She can’t break up with her boyfriend until she knows
 she has another waiting in the wings

It’s hard to love anyone who holds a grudge Continue reading “THE OUTER BANKS / Lewis Warsh. 2001”

john mccracken

mccracken.JPG    mccracken1.JPG   

My first rule in art-making: the work must have being, presence.
Second rule: it must be strong and beautiful. Third: it must be positive.
Metaphors for the work: energy object.
The real thing that brings real smiles.

John McCracken

[from: John McCracken, Almine Rech Éditions, Paris, 2000. Image: two McCracken works from Documenta XII, Kassel, 2007.]