the prayer / diemut strebe. 2020


The Prayer is presented in the show “Neurons, Simulated Intelligence”, at Centre Pompidou, Paris, curated by Frédéric Migayrou and Camille Lenglois from 26 February – 26 April 2020.

The Prayer is an art-installation that tries to explore the supernatural through artificial intelligence with a long-term experimental set up. A robot – installation operates a talking mouth, that is part of a computer system, creating and voicing prayers, that are generated in every very moment by the self-learning system itself, exploring ‘the divine’ the supernatural or ‘the noumenal’ as the mystery of ‘the unknown’, using deep learning. Continue reading “the prayer / diemut strebe. 2020”

da “violazioni dell’acqua” / federico placidi, aliberto sagretti. 2019 (videoelaborazione di un momento dell’installazione: differx)


Frammento da Violazioni dell’acqua,
di Federico Placidi, installazione per dispositivi elettroacustici in tempo reale.

Light designer: Aliberto Sagretti
Impianto sportivo capitolino Roma Uno (piscina), Largo Ascianghi.
29 agosto 2019.

Nel contesto del festival “Di là dal fiume”, a cura di Testroinscatola.

Microvideo+elaborazione: (CC) 2019 differx