periodo ipotetico (estratto) / michele zaffarano. 2023

La mostra Periodo ipotetico, di Michele Zaffarano (qui le opere in esposizione), si inaugura il 23 gennaio 2023 all’AOCF58 Galleria Bruno Lisi, a cura di Pasquale Polidori, nel contesto del progetto ‘Specific Reading Conditions’. Contemporaneamente è possibile visitare il Deposito lì a fianco con le opere di Ferruccio De Filippi dedicate alla lettura.


nathalie quintane: “pomodori” (presentazione @ libreria stendhal, roma, 20 mag 2022)

(TIC Edizioni, collana UltraChapBooks, trad. di Michele Zaffarano) in dialogo con Luigi Magno e Massimiliano Manganelli, e letture in italiano di Michele Zaffarano

il libro:


erasures / luigi viola. 1975



Author: Luigi Viola
Title: Erasures
Year: 1975
Time: video b/w sound 20’
Property of the artist, produced by C.A.V. Venezia

a walk along a trail that meanders through various places in the city, a long reading of poetry in the streets of Venice and among its people, through the quotation of texts of the high emblematic literature of ‘900, from Baudelaire to Villon, from Rimbaud to Dylan Thomas, accompanied by the shedding into the water channels of letters cut out of paper, like an innocent child’s play, while a black band, mourning, from time to time is used as a symbol of the prophetic poet’s blindness, of the darkness of the sense, the civic value of saying, the impossibility for the art of acting and producing changes outside of its own transformation.