felt tv / joseph beuys. 1970

Joseph Beuys
«Felt TV: Shown in TV broadcast ‘Identifications’»
As a contribution to Gerry Schum’s ‘Identifications’, Beuys adapted for television the ‘Felt TV’ action previously staged for a live audience at a Happening festival in Copenhagen in 1966. It was the only Beuys action executed specifically for the camera. It opens with Beuys seated in front of a TV set showing a programme which is invisible because the screen is covered by felt. The boxing-gloves used later in the action lie at the ready beneath his chair.

Beuys turns up the bottom left corner of the felt, revealing a glimpse of the faulty TV picture. The voice of a TV reporter, who is talking about current milk and meat prices, is still audible. Beuys declares he has ‘undertaken a gradual elimination’ by ‘filtering away’ the picture first while leaving the sound, ‘but when the picture has gone, the sound becomes absurd.’

immagini disturbate da un intenso parassita / paolo gioli. 1970

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da http://www.paologioli.it/film3.php?page=film&id=3 :

“Immagini disturbate da un intenso parassita” 1970
Film 16 mm bianco e nero, sonoro, 24 ftg/s, 45′

(dedicato ad Emilio Vedova)

Immagini disturbate da un intenso parassita. Di gran lunga il più complesso e faticoso lavoro da me attuato sulle immagini-video. Diviso da titoli-poema e da allocuzioni visual-strutturali ha per protagonisti detti geometrici forniti dal quadrato in prima persona e da altri corpi plastici provenienti dal quadrato medesimo. Il cascame d’immagine viene a formarsi all’interno e ai bordi dei corpi suddetti, formato e trasformato da successivi interventi diretti anche sullo schermo vetroso del video usato come tavola luminosa, dove vengono a formarsi più strati di immagini

Immagini disturbate da un intenso parassita [Images Disturbed By An Intense Parasite].This film, completely shot off a television, is by far the most complex and labor-intensive work I have completed on video images. Its divisions are marked by poetic titles and by structural-visual allocutions; it has for protagonists, the geometric givens furnished directly by the square and by other plastic forms deriving from the square. The by-products of the images are formed inside and along the edges of these bodies, formed and transformed by successive direct interventions on the glassy video screen, which is used as a light table, where more layers of images are formed.

sans faust / julien bal, térence meunier. 2013

Une performance en images et en sons
par Julien Bal & Térence Meunier

33 minutes

11 décembre 2011, aux Voûtes, Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris

Performance audiovisuelle et orale devant un public assis dans une salle obscure
(théâtre, cinéma ou semblable), en présence et acte des deux réalisateurs.

Performance en images et en sons par Julien Bal & Térence Meunier.

Fouille parmi les chutes d’un film en train de se faire, regards vers la matière écartée. Recomposition du film pour en retrouver les contours et son essence. Concert, lecture, dialogues, ambiances sonores, présentation Powerpoint , making-off et l’absence du Faust film. En écho à l’insatisfaction du personnage, les deux réalisateurs iront en quête de leur film.

Avec les soutiens de l’association MANIAC et Chrom Moss productions.