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UNPRINT / Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Marco Giovenale

unprint ::: click here images: m.giovenale, j.-p.kervinen texts: j.-p.kervinen ____________________________________________________________________________________

da VETRINE / Damiano Abeni

          VGNT1XPL       P M     733     1.10 GHz       Centrino, 512 MB   DDR       40 GB   HDD, DVD ± RW, LCD       10.6”     xBlack   (1280 x 768),       grafica Intel   855 GM fino a       64 MB       Modem, Ethernet, i.LINK,       2 x USB   2.0.VGA, MS-PRO, XP       PRO, Peso   1.38 Kg       Dur. Batt.   fino a 7H        €   2.789,00        Damiano Abeni, da […]

POEMS / Steven Shearer. 2005

    (Image: Steven Shearer, Poems, 2005,, foto: Thomas Knorpp from Artnet.)  

THE READER IS A RADAR / Notes on Leon (and Gleize)

  A fundamental element in Jon Leon and Jean-Marie Gleize‘s poems is a sort of process of quick fusion and aggregation of materials putting together in strict relatedness words and phrases belonging to different contexts and driven to diffraction. Leon’s poems consist of broken sentences and of a firmly held syntax-line, as a paradoxical hidden […]

flux for gammm

to support GAMMM here’s FLUX. this blog wants to host quick reviews, fragments of interviews, flashes, news. all that is shortly said – but important. (things that could be hosted in gammm but are not, for reasons of space, time, issues, structure of the site). the blog will be in English and in Italian as […]

dusie/e-chap: il progetto

dusie ha da poco iniziato un progetto di letteratura collaborativa vicino alle forme della mail art. Il progetto dusie/e-chap comprende 42 poeti, coordinati dall’editor di dusie Susana Gardner in una specie di collettivo, e prevede la pubblicazione on line di piccole plaquettes sul sito di Gardner. Le stesse plaquettes (o chapbooks, all’inglese), realizzate in cartaceo […]



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