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  Un nuovo opeb di GAMMM, e : purgiocatorio, di Rachel Defay-Liautard. Qui è scaricabile il file. Si tratta stavolta di un .doc [di 1.2 Mbytes].   Il formato del file è importante per accedere alla sua identità … interattiva.  

3 POEMS / Jennifer Scappettone. 2004-2006

  Derrida Is Dead 2.009 Gestation—Monstrosity—Blessed Event, a bulbous token of Saxon craftsmanship that was a peripheral girlhood fame: precocious capacity to recite all the Goebel catalog names. Minor cut from there into antiquarian exile, the kind that makes you beat with the locals about the acanthus until your evening spaghettum is theirs. Later I […]

da 1001 OPERA LIBRETTI / Richard Kostelanetz

  from 1001 OPERA LIBRETTI / Richard Kostelanetz For John F. Cone. One of my great teachers Fifty years later A young couple, universally attractive and recently married, attempt to defy a new state law forbidding procreation, their arias proclaming erotic success, in spite of the relentless maneuverings of their anxious parents and mean police. […]

portrait # 15 / birgir andrésson. 1999

(Birgir Andrèsson, Portrait #15, 1999, silkscreen and oil on mdt, framed with plexiglass, 84 x 64 cm, Nils Staerk Contemporary Art, Copenaghen.)

(Birgir Andrésson, Portrait #14, 1999, silkscreen and oil on mdt, framed with plexiglass, 84 x 64 cm, Nils Staerk Contemporary Art, Copenaghen.)

  Esce oggi un ebook di Christophe Marchand-Kiss: si tratta di una scelta di testi da alter ego (textuel, 2005), tradotti da Michele Zaffarano. Il file pdf [104 Kb] è scaricabile dalla pagina gammm/ebook. Christophe Marchand-Kiss è nato nel 1964. Vive a Parigi e per il momento a Roma, all’Accademia di Francia, Villa Medici. È […]

Photo(C)2006 by Filippo Minelli

TOPS – TILTING / Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino. 2006

  Tops – Tilting / Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino Tops 1. a plum or knob, to see purposes, prior to, or, unlike a knob or fruit a purchase, or gestalt in time or in enumeration the nature of a stick in sand, the nature of a rib, stuck upright in a palette before a spry, […]

  Q.: I think that your nickname “asemic” (in is perfect to explain your strategy of accumulation=disintegration of signs (not “meanings”) through multiple exposures, textblocks, and multiple blogs/opus. I believe you hit the spot of the dissipation/multiplicity we are crossing. (Where “to cross” is something like a radioactive kind of “to stay”). A.: You’re […]



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