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da THE MAN SUIT / Zachary Schomburg. 2007 III

Zachary Schomburg da: THE MAN SUIT. 2007 THE WHALE 1. When I was young, my mother was eaten by a whale. 2. I buried myself in the sand, in my whale pajamas and my whale-shaped slippers. I was uncovered a million times by people who would say things like you’re too old for those clothes […]


Marcel Duchamp LE PROCESSUS CRÉATIF. 1957 Considérons d’abord deux facteurs importants, les deux pôles de toute création d’ordre artistique : d’un côté l’artiste, de l’autre le spectateur qui, avec le temps, devient la postérité. Selon toutes apparences, l’artiste agit à la façon d’un être médiumnique qui, du labyrinthe par-delà le temps et l’espace, cherche son […]

da CERCARE UNA FRASE / Pierre Alferi. 1991

  La letteratura mette in opera una teoria della frase. […] Nuove frasi operano soltanto su ciò che dicono e contengono in sé il proprio passato. […] Le frasi della letteratura non sono descrittive, sono instauratrici. La letteratura inventa il passato delle frasi. L’oggetto letterario è la frase. [… ] Poiché la letteratura inventa le […]

“light / shadow / wall” / Drew Kunz. 2008

    [] * (C) 2008 _ Drew Kunz  

Nuovo e-book su gammm: Cecil Touchon

  Oggi un nuovo ebook su si tratta di The Raven (for Edgar Allan Poe), di Cecil Touchon, l’opera è inclusa nel suo libro In an Agitated Voice (Ontological Museum, 2009). Il file pdf [152 Kb] è scaricabile dalla pagina gammm/ebooks. * Today, a new ebook at The Raven (for Edgar Allan Poe) […]

da THE MAN SUIT / Zachary Schomburg. 2007 II

Zachary Schomburg da: THE MAN SUIT. 2007 WHAT I FOUND IN THE FOREST 1. I found a group of inappropriately dressed women inside a hollowed-out tree. They all had hidden agendas. When I asked Marlene her name, she told me Madeline. When I asked why they were in a hollowed-out tree, all of them became […]



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