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14 février 1951, Paris LA FIGUE La figue est une pauvre gourde à l’intérieur de laquelle (au cœur de laquelle, la remplissant toute) luit un autel scintillant. La figue est molle et rare (?). Phrase donnée automatiquement. Dans l’intérieur de la figue, qui est une molle gourde, comme une pauvre gourde, comme une église de […]

john mccracken

        My first rule in art-making: the work must have being, presence. Second rule: it must be strong and beautiful. Third: it must be positive. Metaphors for the work: energy object. The real thing that brings real smiles. John McCracken [from: John McCracken, Almine Rech Éditions, Paris, 2000. Image: two McCracken works from Documenta XII, […]

loneliness is just a word that means you are feeling alone and depressed and starting to think about how difficult and strangely impossible it is for you to be interested in the same people who are interested in you and how if you don’t change your worldview and personality soon then you will probably always […]

FOURTEEN POEMS / Charles North. 1989

FOURTEEN POEMS Similarly, whereby the current polarization Holds out little hope for lasting revision * Meanwhile tragedy outgrows its religious Origins in an effort to encompass * A dip in air pressure, the sense that daylight Has slipped from its porch onto the grassy night * Need, ambition, unrest, and one-dimensional Thinking latticed on a […]

da WHEN/WHERE / Fabienne Vallin. 2008

Fabienne Vallin when / where.2008 Tout est là Tout est à sa place Tout va disparaître * La nappe à carreaux La soupe de légumes * On ferme le volets Un peu plus tard en été * Trois citrons buffet bleu haricots verts Les clapiers abandonnés Tomates oranges amères mur jaune lanthanias La récolte de […]

da NOTE / Sergio Soda Star. 2009. II

UN ALTRO APPASSIONATO DI NIENTE C’era una volta un altro appassionato di niente. Questa storia si ambienta nella città caserta in provincia di napoli dove questo personaggio andava avanti senza prospettive essendo convinto che niente poteva appassionarlo, e cioè non amando il niente ma non amando niente. Questa differenza che lui faceva aveva sempre molte […]



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