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from ARC / michele marinelli. 2010

nob y   –fd—–p score—vi—–d– ————- —m——-ch— ——wer–ty— ———– —ing–inf—450- —–fck———- ys—gest——-aut– 0—t—–off——z ——— ——— ——— det del ——– t ———ec—serv— —all—-nob—y- ——- ———–think— *   pattern   have decided enough sendmail could [Pattern not found: ^ \ w (5) f, skipping] crews, [Pattern not found: ^ \ w (7) h, skipping] information unfavorable subset […]

Animaux noirs / Pascal Leclercq. 2009

PASCAL LECLERCQ, Animali neri, traduzione e introduzione di Andrea Inglese, La Camera Verde, Roma 2009.   Je vis dans le pays du corps interrompu, de la parole hachée où se mêlent bréchets, nervures, cartilages et tendons. Les morceaux fins, on se rue dessus dès la mort, restent les chairs vulgaires qu’on remâche à tout cran, […]

things you have emailed me have you ever heard a rabbit scream, it is horrible the only way to read wittgenstein is in a wooden chair with coffee. a hard wooden chair. you have to sit straight and hate yourself the whole time. i don’t know why it’s important to hate yourself while reading him, […]

something red / tracciamenti

plath / school / jarman cit. wittgenstien / 2006 I / 2006 II

from Sentences and paragraphs : a sentence is not emotional a paragraph is / Gertrude Stein Dates of what they bought. They will be ready to have him. We think so. He looks like a young man grown old. That is a sentence that they could use. I was overcome with remorse. It was my […]



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