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(Mark Titchner, Be Real, 2008, vinyl banner, cm 527 x 413, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.)  

nuovo e-book su gammm: zsw-m

Oggi un nuovo ebook su si tratta di una serie di testi dal progetto zswound. Il file pdf [884 Kb] è scaricabile dalla pagina gammm/ebooks. * From today, a new ebook at it’s a series of texts from the zswound project. You can download the pdf file [884 Kb] at gammm/ebooks.

[ da V.Accame, Il segno poetico, Spirali, Milano 1977 ]

this is a mirror… / luis camnitzer. 1966–1968

* Luis Camnitzer,This is a mirror. You are a written sentence, 1966–1968. Vacuum formed polystyrene mounted on synthetic board, 48 x 62.5 x 1.5 cm. Daros Latinamerica Collection, Zurich. Photo: Peter Schälchli. Source:

bordered quest(ion) / vernon frazer

cat’s cradle / stan brakhage. 1959

Salut à moi. Salut à toi. Salut tout le monde. Tout le monde salue. Tout le monde passe. Un par un. Tout le monde vient pour saluer tout le monde. Tout le monde dit salut tout le monde. Un monde qui passe. Je dis bonjour. Bonjour à tous. Un par un. Tout le monde me […]

999 rooms, 34-66: rooms of experience Room 34 In room 34, dogs are beheaded with cleavers and suspended over buckets to let the blood collect; the heads are thrown in a corner, where a rickety adolescent burns away the hair with a oxyhydrogen torch before piling them up. Room 35 In wide and bushy room […]



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