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a, A Novel / derek beaulieu. 2017

freely downloadable (as many works by D.B.) here too: more infos here:,_A_Novel_-_16_05_-_PLANCHE.pdf

Un estratto da Corrado Costa, Le nostre posizioni = Our Positions. English translation by Paul Vangelisti. Benway Series  11. Scheda del libro e informazioni  

CCI00000 / peter ganick. 2012

Peter Ganick_ CCI00000_ 2012 by differxhost on Scribd

  according to a classic aesthetic model, the artist forms an already existent matter, turns nature into art, gives matter form. the paradigmatic example in this context would be sculpture, but poetry too is ultimately understood in similar terms. for what, as it were, distinguishes a poem from a non-poem, poetry from that which is […]

} erlebnis / peter ganick. 2011

  Peter Ganick_ } ERLEBNIS_ 2011 by differxhost on Scribd

press to(o) close / renata morresi. 2015

Renata Morresi_ press to(o) close by gammm

lost job / david shrigley

*   Gironzolavo in casa della mia direttrice e le ho infilato in un occhio la pennetta di plastica del mio palmare. Lei mi è saltata addosso ma ha preso soltanto il lettore cd, con la forchetta che in quel momento le capitava di avere in mano. Il lettore cd era ancora acceso, dopo. Con le […]

.it .en source:

.en .it source:

1. the chasing after epitomes. for which I have, to hand, the praise. a, sign, out of hand. the, hopping, and, pointing of fingers. walking home from the movies after dark picturing Faraday with thumb, forefinger and middle finger held at mutual right angles. I love the way this couplet looks. mirror play. his straight […]

.it .en source:

.it .en source:

small homes / harold abramowitz. 2013

Harold Abramowitz_ Small Homes (gammmhost 2013) by gammm   [ Download a 11 pt. PDF version of SMALL HOMES here ]

an elbow… / greg evason. 2013

Greg Evason_ An Elbow_ (2013) by gammm [ full screen HERE ]

the jack poem / bob cobbing. 1981-85

in Sockless in sandals. Collected poems, vol. 6      (Second Aeon Publications, 1985)     



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