da “body sonnet” / jared hayes. 2005

from Body Sonnet / Jared Hayes

The body in the market, the body
In the university, the body

Submerged, the acting body, the body
In evolution, the game show body

The body of evolution, body
Mechanical, transformative body

Unimaginable body, body
Performance, the placing of the body

The multiple body, the close body
The discursive body, discourse body

The writing body, the shadow body
The body of desire, the real body

Body structure, molecular body
The architectural body, body


The cyborg body, Haraway’s body
The body to be, the drama body

Dust body, the constellated body
The moment body, in body, the body

Colliding, colluding body, body
Religion, body set, set-up body

Body constellation, the effected body
Body affected, the bodily body

Tangible body, the repulsed body
The body has, the have body, body

Picture, my body, dust raising body
Other body, body other, body


Isn’t the body, monster body
The body various, variating body

Variations of body, the way a body
The inherited body, the body

In some ways, the psychonalytic body
The body psycho, the analytical body

The body as, powered body, body
Powder, the given body, the body

Through, the doctor body, the body body
Body money, does body, always body

The commodity body, the body
Commofied, the body makes, body

Art, the world body, pharmakon body
The problematized body, the body

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