tony blair speech / sean bonney. 2003

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«Poisons, their Antidotes (2003) […] ends with “Tony Blair Speech,” in which Bonney literally took a razor to a speech Blair made justifying the war in the language of ‘human rights,’ “leaving the sliced words hanging there” so that “what they are really saying comes through”» 

anti-sonnets / mark staniforth. 2019


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«Anti-Sonnets comprised the creation of one sonnet per day over a year, irrespective of personal circumstance.

Each sonnet’s subject matter, and perhaps also the perceived quality of its artistic execution, would reflect the tribulations of daily life. Anti-Sonnets aimed to challenge assumptions associated with the sonnet form, and to champion the ascendency of context over content. Writing in The Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet (23011), the poet Stephen Burt identified “a commitment to dailiness, to impressions without an overarching order, each in its separate frame, as in a notebook or calendar.. [a]s each sonnet records an occasion or a day, a set of sonnets can take its own larger shape.”

An exhibition of Anti-Sonnets is being staged in the Research Station, Leeds Beckett University School of Art, Architecture and Design, from now until Dec 2019».